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Tales and legends game

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Here are the answers from the second week of play :):

“Pull the peg and the bobinette cherra”: in which tale do we find this sentence? Little Red Riding Hood

Which animal is "ugly and small" according to the title of one of his tales? Duck

What sells the "Little Girl" according to the title of one of her tales? Matches

Which of his tales has been adapted into a cartoon by Paul Grimault and Jacques Prévert under the title "The King and the Bird"? The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep

What bird is "The Emperor of China" associated with according to the title of one of his tales? Nightingale

What is the particularity of the "New Clothes of the Emperor"? They are non-existent

Which of the following gives the title of one of Andersen's tales? Snow Queen

How many mattresses has "The Princess with the Pea" slept on? 20 mattresses

What tale from the "Thousand and One Nights" was Andersen inspired for the writing of his tale "Le Briquet"? Aladdin or the wonderful lamp

What was the nationality of this fabulous storyteller? Danish

What title does the puss in boots imagine for his master? Marquis of Carabas

What profession does Petit Poucet's father have? Lumberjack

How does the tale of 'Bluebeard' end? Bluebeard is slain

Which Charles Perrault tale did the Brothers Grimm also write a version of? 'The Sleeping Beauty'

Did you find everything? Me yes this time :) Good Thursday.


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