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Hello everyone!

Tomorrow, meet our mutinous elves Justin, Célestin and Valentin!

A nice surprise to add under the tree for the person who will win the game ... :)

Good luck to all and good Christmas preparations;)

J 28


Once upon a time, Justin, one of Santa's Elves, who whishes to discover the human world...

With his friends Celestin and Valentin they finally find how to do so.

Celestin: "It seems that if you throw a branch of mistletoe into the fire..."

Valentin: "you arrive in the land of humans...."

Celestin: "But we must not do it..."

Valentin: "...because otherwise..."

Without waiting the end of the sentence, Justin takes a branch of mistletoe and throws it into the fire...

Valentin and Celestin: "...otherwise we risk getting stuck in humans and... breaking the magic of Christmas....?!"

Justin: "Oh, no...! But what did I do? How do we get home?"



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