Cinephiles, it's up to you?

This week's little quiz! I'm asking you questions about cinema and series.

Either you find the answers alone and you earn 5 points or with the three proposals in the week and you earn 2 points.

It's your turn ;) :

1 / In the "Lost" series, where did Oceanic Airlines flight 815 depart from?

2 / In the thread "The circle of missing poets", what sentence does John Keating repeat to his students?

3 / What is the favorite phrase of Grégory House, the hero of the Doctor House series?

4 / In "window on courtyard" why does Jeff Jefferies have to stay at home?

5 / In the "Nip / tuck" series, what does Christian Troy do before sleeping with his patient Abby Mays?

6 / In which movie would Johnny Depp have done better not to fall asleep?



joue jeu vaison expressions cinema

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