4 years with you, thanks!

On 25/06/2022 0

In Let's Play!

In space we can find Captain Flamheart, but as everyone knows, he is not from our galaxy ;).

You will not find sound in space, because it is a mechanical wave that needs matter to propagate!

One way not to make waves by diving into vast bubbles of spatial water sometimes the size of Olympic swimming pools.

 Welcome to the deep end ;)  

I hope the store's anniversary week has been as joyful for you as it has been for us. ;)  

Thank you for having and continuing to play the game on a daily basis ;)  

We'll be back on Monday for fun moments shared with you! And especially for the results of the draws! ;)  

Thanks again to everyone!

It's always a pleasure to share our passion for the game with you ;)

 Good day and good game ;)


4 years joue jeu vaison

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