• Love, love, love!

    Hello everyone !

    We wish all lovers a very happy Valentine's Day, even if love is not limited to one day a year but every day! :)

    Whether in couples or singles, the love of your loved ones fills you with happiness!

     The winning duo of the Love game will be announced tomorrow morning. :)

    Have a good day, see you tomorrow and have a good game;)

  • Love, love, love!


    Hello everyone again!

    Ah, ah, ah!

    Here are our photos of the photo-rally challenges!

    We do not count in the draw, but we Play the Game, so here are ours…;)

    Thanks to my lovely husband for participating with me in the duo faces. :)

    For the rest, the games are some of my favorites of classic games, I could not have limited myself to just one :)

     And for a place that I love, my JJV remains first in my heart, because we share good times with all of you there. :)

    Now it's your turn to take a chance;)

    Good day and good game ;)


  • Love, love, love!

    D-Day ;)

    Hello everyone!

    Because lovers' party is not just for lovers, we are going to play together;)

    From Monday February 8 to Sunday February 14, 2021, complete one of the three or three challenges of the photo rally to try to win a set of glass chess.

    What if we celebrated love in general and not just lovers' day;)

    Here are the challenges of the photo rally:

    - Take a photo of a board game piece in a location you like

    - Take a picture of your favorite board game with a "love" or "heart" filter.

    - Take a photo of funny faces as a duo and with a board game element.

    Are you ready to meet its challenges?

    Yes, so let's go and your photo rally!

    Prize draw on February 15, 2021!

    Above all, have fun and have a good game;)

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  • Love, love, love!



  • Love, love, love!

    D-2 ;)

  • Love, love, love!

    D-3 ;)

  • Love, love, love!



  • Love, love, love!

    D-5 ;)

  • Love, love, love!

    D-6 ;)

  • Love, love, love!

    D-7 ;)

  • Valentine's day game

    Even if there is not just one day to say that we love each other, happy Valentine's Day to all lovers.

    For singles, the one who loves you may not be so far;).

    Small surprise for those who come in store today (single or in couples) and we will give the answer to this question (to be given only in store;):

    What do we celebrate on Valentine's Day?

    Good day to you all!