2 words game

  • On 20/11/2020

Hello Moussaillons! Are you ready to board?

As a member of a daring pirate crew, your goal is to be proclaimed Admiral of the Black, the Caribbean's most feared pirate ship.

To earn this title, you need to pass the perilous scenarios as quickly as possible.

Whenever a player places their own hourglass, they must wait for the sand to run out before they can perform the required action.

Each hole in the ship represents an area where you can perform a specific action: spin the ship, load cannons, shoot enemy ships, repair damage, etc.

The game uses a smartphone or tablet app that will guide players through missions, assist them with scenario data, random events, multiple paths, game upgrades and saves for subsequent sessions.

Discover ten different scenarios, which range from ordinary piracy activities like boarding, kraken hunting, prison breaks, treasure hunting and more.

Good day and good game ;)


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