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Hello everyone ! Today we're going to talk about Singin 'In The Game!

Singin in the Game! is the game that allows you to discover or rediscover all the artists of the French-speaking repertoire.

More than 260 artists are divided into 6 categories: from Aznavour to Claudio Capéo via the Green Negresses, Chantal Goya and Booba. an artist and 20 of their titles ordered by popularity

Depending on the rounds:

- Round 1: Hum / quote 1 to 6 titles of the given artist (each song or title earns a point)

- Round 2: Find the artist who sang such and such a song (and score extra points if you manage to hum the title clue). If you don't find it, the hand passes and the opposing team will get a new clue title to try to guess the artist.

-Round 3: Quote and hum more titles than the opposing team (auction). Win or lose the number of points corresponding to the auction announced. Or fall into one of the speed categories and be the fastest to quote OR hum a title of the given artist.


* 60's to 80's

* 90's to 2017

* Urban music

* Atypical or wacky singers

* Musicals / Animated feature films (Disney) (speed)

* Unforgettable hits (speed)

Whatever your tastes, whatever your age, everyone can participate, everyone world can win!

Have a nice day and have a good game;)


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