2 words game

Hello everyone !

Today it's going to be deadly! Let's talk about Dead Lines!

In Deadlines you will have to classify known people according to their date of birth, their length of life or their date of death.

Whoever makes the fewest mistakes at the end of the game wins.

Each turn, a player will collect a "celebrity" card of his choice from three piles, and place it correctly in the column of his choice.

Thus, he can decide to guess either his date of birth, or his date of death, or even his lifespan. You will then have to place the card face down before, after, or between the cards already present and then turn it over.

If the reference value is good, the card does not move.

If the player made a mistake, he recovers the card as a sign of error.

You can get rid of your mistakes with special cards.

If we correctly place a black card in one of the columns and give the cause of death, we can remove one of our mistakes.

Good day and good game ;)


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