Jouelejeuvaison 1


2 words game

Hello everyone ! Today we're going to take on some great challenges!

While moving along a course, depending on its victories, players will be asked to practice lots of mini-games.

Mini-games Olympics.

The basic principle is very simple: On his turn to play, the player becomes aware of the nature of the square where his pawn is located.

This tells him the little game that all the participants are going to play.

The winner of the little game will advance his pawn 3 spaces, the second by 2 and the third by 1.

The player who completes the course first wins the game.

A cocktail of games.

The little games presented are various: skill games (mini-billiards, mini-gof, skittles, bowling, etc.), memory and observation games, word games (Longest Word, Rummy, etc.).

Good day and good game ;)


2 words game joue jeu