Jouelejeuvaison 1

Check 1

2 words game

Hello everyone ! Didn't we forget to "check" today?

Fistbumps, high-fives and other acrobatic figures done with the hands and forearms, you see the genre.

First, we choose a challenge for the opposing teams, which will complicate the task in favor of additional points.

Then come the game turns where cards are added to opponents to make their sign more complex.

Initially made up of three cards, the sign grows in size and difficulty as the sequences go on.

When you feel that you have reached the limits of your memory or that you are satisfied with the number of points you can collect, you can decide to stop a check.

The two players who share the sign then have 45 seconds to memorize it.

The game ends after two rounds.

We collect victory points with our neighbor, of course, but since we add the two piles on which we checked to constitute our personal score, we generally avoid ties.

Have a good day, have a good weekend and have a good game;)


2 words game joue jeu