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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Ra!

Ra covers 1500 years of Egyptian history in less than an hour for 2-5 players and a game time of 45-60 minutes.

Players seek to expand their power and fame and there are many ways to achieve this: influencing the pharaohs, building monuments, farming on the Nile, paying homage to the gods, advancing the technology and culture of the people.

Ra is an auction and set collection game. Each turn, players can buy a lot of tiles with their auction tiles (suns). The game lasts for three "epochs" (turns).

Once a player has used their suns, the other players continue until they do the same, which can create a situation with only one uncontested player bidding on tiles before the end of the round.

 Tension mounts because the round may end before all players have had a chance to win their three prizes for the time.

The different tiles give immediate points, prevent negative points from not having certain types at the end of the round (epoch), or give points after the final round.

And all this is for the glory of the Sun God Ra!

Good day and good game ;)




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